Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rhapsody launching Zune killer?

In what's got to be considered a comical take on things, PSFK reports that online music service Rhapsody will be introducing a portable media player which, like Zune, will incorporate WiFi.

Real hasn't done much of anything to innovate, and they're trying to figure out how to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft? One has to wonder if the intent is to just be able to sit at the table and get a settlement some day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Rhapsody could leverage Wi-Fi to
have a mini interface on it's "zune killer" giving it the option to play music on-demand - that is compelling enough to give it a look-see. With Google and services like clearwire helping to make Wi-Fi coverage get closer that of cell phones - wouldn't that be a great little feature for a portable music device? Access to 2+ million songs without limitations associated with storage capacity - AWESOME!!!

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